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Happy Holidays from Rooted Daily!

2018 has been an incredible year and I am so thankful that you have followed along with us on Rooted Daily, rooting yourself in the Bible so you can grow with God. We have another slate of important and exciting topics for 2019 which will begin coming out on January 2, 2019. In the meantime, here are some of the episodes from the past year that have meant the most to me:

This is one of the most important lessons I learned from 2018. We have an unfortunate tendency of remaining silent when we should speak up and speaking up when we should sit down and be quiet. In this episode, we talked about when the Bible says it is better for us to stop talking.

What an incredible word! Praise God! Everything we do, think, and say should be designed to glorify and praise our Father and this word sums it all up. This was a fun episode looking through the psalms and their emphasis of praise.

No one likes leftovers after awhile and that includes God. We have a jealous God and He wants to be first in everything we do. This episode was important for me because it challenges Christians to stop making decisions and then asking God for approval, but instead seeking the wisdom and guidance of God before a decision has been made.

The example set in the New Testament of the church is a group of working people so radically devoted to the task set before them that I'm afraid it may seem foreign to us. In this episode, we discussed how we can start using our abilities to conform to that pattern the early Christians set.

We had several episodes on Bible reading and its importance. Next year, I have an episode planned about Bible memorization and how it can be useful to our understanding of Scripture. Bible reading is clearly important. It's part of how we can root ourselves in Christ, but simply reading words on a page isn't enough. Here we talked about the motives we need to make our Bible study effective.

I love making practical episodes like this. In this episode, I talked about some of the tactics I use to increase how often and how much of the Bible I am reading every day. This episode goes beyond the theory and importance of Bible study and takes a few minutes to talk about the logistics of it.

This was the first episode I decided to record for a reason. Truly the whole podcast is based on this truth: There are some who want to pull you away from the faith, so we need to grow deep roots in the Bible so we can grow with God. This episode was a good overview of why it is so important to make the Word of God our only foundation.

As the New Year approaches and I am thinking about what I want 2019 to look like, I've had a renewed interest in the Scripture we talked about in this episode. God wants us to overcome sin (bad habits) and in this episode we talked about how we could accomplish that.

Everyone has peaks and valleys in their relationship with God. Some peaks and some valleys may be more dramatic than others, but we all need to rekindle our fire for God from time to time. We talked about how in this episode.

Christ loves me and that alone should compel me to love others. Christ’s sacrifice should breed uncontrollable compassion in my life. This episodes told us how we can allow compassion to transform our lives.

Is there an episode of Rooted Daily that helped you in 2018 or is there a topic you want us to study in the new year? Let me know on Facebook!


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