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The Song of Your Life

What’s the song of your life?

Imagine your life as a song in four verses.

The first verse is about your beginnings: growing up with your family, school, playing in the backyard. Birth to 18 or so. What did you learn and who had the greatest impact? How would you describe your relationships with God, with family, and with friends? There is a verse that describes Jesus’ childhood is Luke 2:52. “And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.” It’s simple, but profound. What does your first verse sound like?

The second verse is about leaving home and building an identity of your own, your occupation, your relationships, marriage, children, and walk with God through the first 20 or so years of adult life. Will your song’s verse here speak of your faithfulness and service to Christ, will it include your dedication to build a faithful Christian home and sacrifice to bring up your children to love and serve God?

The third verse of your life’s song is about the empty nest, taking care of your parents and watching the generation ahead of you face the difficulties of age and the end of their lives. Your career is peaked, thoughts of retirement or long term care enter your mind. Will your song’s verse speak of how you honored your father and mother in these years? Will it tell of your example of care and devotion as a Christian leader in your family, church and community?

Finally, the last verse of your life’s song, should you live to see it, is about the declining years as we lose our strength and capacities of our younger days and face the mortality of our flesh and fall under the care of the hands of others. It is a time of letting go as friends and peers pass away, and as our very bodies fail to function. Will your song’s verse speak of courage and readiness to see your Savior’s face? Will your final words in this life be a praise as you finally go to meet the Lord?

The song of Moses didn’t always carry the same tune. He started out just trying to find the right notes, confused by the injustice committed by his adoptive grandfather. But when he put his faith in the God who spoke to him through a burning bush, who led his people with a pillar of fire and cloud, and who parted the Red Sea, the song of Moses became so powerful it can still be sung in Heaven today.

Zephaniah 3:17 says that God sings about His creation. When He sings of you, what will your song of life be?



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